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Mr Chairman
    On behalf of all the staff of mei ling group , I give my heartfelt thanks to the leaders and friends who care and support the development of the group company for a long time !
Since 1958 to now, 56 years in the rebirth of the sun, there is a line of employees sweating and working hard, of painstaking management logistics staff working overtime, of continuing to push forward the reform of management in strong pace, of rising economic benefit of impressive performance, of people-oriented, increasingly strong cultural atmosphere, of  the titles of awards......This is a picture full of the beauty ling people have worked so hard and achieved a lot . Facing the complex economic situation, mei ling people are weatherwise, carrying forward the spirit of the older employees and professional dedication, actively coping with difficulties and challenges in the development of. integration of capital restructuring, industry, optimizing the product structure adjustment, machinery manufacturing and environmental water two leading industries to form, two plates going hand in hand with common development. Machinery manufacturing adheres to technological innovation, accelerating new product development, to constantly improve the level of equipment, to continuously expand production scale, comprehensive strength increasing, green water, with science and technology innovation and quality service to seize market opportunities, as actively, repeated success, regional dominance preliminary established, strong group co., LTD. The company has the overall size of development; timely locating new marketing strategies, implementing "technical advance, the brand strategy, product sales, tracking service" four as one of the sales business model, making every effort to follow the market and sell the products , so that the group company under the impact of the financial crisis, still maintained a good momentum of steady development; On the basic management, from guidance the group, strengthens the prevention and management, implementation of center of gravity down, continuous improvement, strict examination, to form the comprehensive coverage of the seven management of enterprise the basic management appraisal system, promoting the comprehensive improvement of management level of enterprise foundation; In order to guarantee the sustainable development of the enterprise, group company standing on a high starting point, large investment for the new project construction, officially launched ERP information management system in operation into the fast lane of modern enterprise management, The company in 2010, introduced the international first-class production equipment, the construction of the group company's biggest ever investment projects -- auto parts production lines, to product and operate orderly. Enterprise culture inherits innovation unceasingly, improving human-oriented management model, to liberate people automation equipment, with comfortable working environment to attract people, humanized management to retain people, the production and business operation team cohesion and combat effectiveness is stronger and  stronger, all the mei ling's step towards "create, share, and win-win".
On the picture scroll of the history of mei ling group , in pursuit of more than half a century, several generations in this land have been working hard , writting  a song arduous pioneering, inspiring the powerful movement! In retrospect, we see the entrepreneurial hardships, pleasure and achievement in the development of the group, Look forward to the future, we are full of unlimited confidence, hope and faith. To win, thousand sails to compete sends. Tomorrow, we will be full of lofty sentiments, standing on the new starting line, to start a new journey. We adhere to the "solidarity, hard, realistic and innovative" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "integrity, synchronous future" business philosophy, adhere to the solid footprint of the development of the ling, with strong melody of "the song of mei ling, never forget the responsibility of the society, the development of the company shall never be forgotten,  to standardized management, shall never be forgotten  hard workers, whole heartedly work- ting coagulation hearts meet development, patriotic dedication, integrity management, contributing to society, hand in hand to create century, ling a more brilliant tomorrow!
Wish the friends from all walks of life focusing  on mei ling's a healthy body, a happy work!
In the future with integrity, and synchronization. Warmly welcome the masses of customers and friends to patronize, to create a better tomorrow!

Mei ling group chairman of the board

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