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Enterprise Culture
Company philosophy:
 creating the future with Integrity
Company spirit:
Unitied and  diligent ,  realistic  the innovative
Company style:
React Quickly;  act immediately
Core values:
The value of life lies in dedication, the enterprise is our persistent pursuit
Enterprise mission:
To realize self-value of dedicated innovation
Develop dedicated loyalty from morality
Create a harmonious motivation of corporate culture
Establish century brand to benifit all
Management policy:
Taking market demand as the guide, for the purpose of energy saving and efficiency increasing
For the purpose of good faith service, on the basis of management by objectives
Regard the enterprise culture as the concept, the development of the company as the theme.
Enterprise purpose:
Never forget the social responsibility ; never forget the development of the company
Never forget and standardized management ;Never forget diligent employees
Management idea:
Lead your  business with cultural ideas ; manage your business with the enterprise system
Develop your business with dicipline and efforts ; drive your business by personal example as well as percept
Unite your business  with  cooperation ; improve your business with wisdom and diligence

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