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First, the shareholding system reform, and establishing modern enterprise system  having provided a strong driving force for enterprise development
Shandong mei ling chemical equipment co., LTD. Was founded in 1958,  called JiLing people's communes tools factory, mainly engaged in agricultural machinery manufacturing and maintenance. Manufacturing of civilian fan in 1980, it changed its name to Linzi electrical appliance factory. Switching to petrochemical accessories in 1984, it changed its name to 1984 petrochemical fittings factory. In 1992 as the first batch of pilot joint-stock zibo unit,  with the approval of the municipal commission for restructuring it established the shandong mei ling chemical equipment co., LTD.,  In accordance with the requirements for the company law it was conducted in 1996 , In 1997 by shandong provincial government it was identified as standard joint-stock enterprises, In 2004 regarding shandong province mei ling chemical equipment co., LTD., as the matrix, mei ling group was set up in the form. Group consisting shandong mei ling chemical equipment co., LTD., as the mother's machinery manufacturing sector and  mei ling environmental science and technology (zibo) co., LTD., as the mother's water environmental protection plate.
At the end of 1950 s, mei ling was just a small factory with a few people  to repair farm tools and built a town in the early ninety s, as the predecessor of baling company ninety petrochemical fittings factory whose total assets reached over5.5 million yuan , but under the impact of the tide of market economy, some of the problems of the enterprise also unceasingly came from various aspects. Petrochemical fittings factory subordinate JiLing town economic commission, was a town collective enterprise, due to the unclear property rights, power and responsibility was unclear, Enterprises didn’t have legal person property rights, only the higher administrative authority appendages, no independence, self-sustaining conditions, thus without undertake operating risks, without  a condition of competition in the market main body, so the further development of the enterprise was restricted. At the same time, the development of the enterprise needs to introduce a number of technical and management personnel, but enterprise can not choose people at that time.In addition to large distribution system of collective egalitarianism cauldron rice, can't let everyone maximize motivation, excessive administrative intervention, and the enterprise can do nothing. Business leaders, on the other hand, has been realized in practice, the market competition, mainly is the product competition, if it doesn’t have its own shape or the leading product, it can hardly resist the big waves of the market economy .
In order to adapt to the needs of the market economy, to further accelerate the development of enterprises, to enhance enterprise development potential, we put focus on the shareholding system reform, determine to modern enterprise development, and further recognize the joint stock system is to raise social idle funds. Accelerating the development of enterprises as an effective financing channel, deepening enterprise reform, transforming management mechanism is the best choice,  to enhance staff cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise effective way, And is the most ideal organization socialization production. Since January 1992, through the conduct propaganda, launch, under the leadership of the provincial commission for restructuring the direct help, the company has hired experts to make elaborate design, and  has introduced the joint-stock system to seek a good way for the joint-stock reform of enterprise, which finally determined the scheme of reforming, opening a new page in the development course of mei ling.
The establishment of joint-stock company, is only the first step of shareholding system reform, To make it real run according to the modern enterprise mechanism, we also need a series of  complete rules and regulations. First of all, from the thought, at that time most of the managers and employees do not understand the idea and operation mode of modern enterprise system, but are used to the old mode of production, And there are certain concernsto the enterprise financial self-sufficiency . Therefore, to implement modern enterprise system, we must break the barrier of the employee's thought. To this end, we carried out extensive publicity and education work, let everybody can really realize from the psychological, only  pursuing the joint-stock reform, towards a modern enterprise management system, is the only way to enterprise survival and development. In this way, we should unite as one, through  exploring new management thought and practice. Second, for the set of institutions in the company, in accordance with requirements of the joint-stock company, we develop the company's articles of association, and set up a general meeting of shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors, general manager, trade unions and other corporate governance. Shareholders' meeting is regarded as the highest authority of the company, to electe board of directors, board of supervisors, exercised by the board of directors company management decision-making, and appointment of the general manager is responsible for the daily administrative management, By the board of supervisors in accordance with law, we exercise the supervision of the board of directors and the managers of the company. Producers through trade unions to participate in making important decisions, and select the worker representatives to sit on the board of supervisors, to supervise a director or the general manager. Third, all management personnel is strictly hired according to the provisions of the joint-stock company. At the same time, in view of the distribution of equalitarianism and the traditional personnel system, the company also reform in the distribution system and the personnel system . Break the distribution of the original egalitarianism, fully embodies the principle of distribution according to work and work more, and pays attention to the distribution of income to the bitter, dirty and tired, high risks as well as the technical requirements of the job. Break the identity of the cadres and workers in the personnel system, full implementation of contract, to  build a flexible personnel system. Finally, the set of corporate governance mechanism and the implementation of the supporting system, making clear the relationship between owners, producers and business operators, has realized the separation of ownership and management, decision-making, and the separation of executive power, thus realized the separation of government and enterprises. Individual agencies, restraining each other, promoting each other, to form the production ZeRenHua decision-making democratization, specialization, management pattern, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of each respect, to promote the development of the enterprise.
Second, strengthen the standardized operation, and promote the healthy development of enterprises
Company shareholding system has reformed sine1992 to now, We always think that only by constantly strengthening the standardized operation, can we promote the healthy and steady development of enterprises, can we  ensure that the enterprise management on the path of "rule of law". To this end, we have done the following several aspects:
One is the highest authority in the general meeting of shareholders as a company, always adhere to the standard operation. Since reform, our company has been in strict accordance with the company's articles of association rules, a shareholder meeting on time in May each year, according to the requirements in the media announcement and disclosure. For the majority of the shareholders of the board of directors, board of supervisors for one year work and review the company's financial statements, profit distribution, and put forward opinions and Suggestions. Companies in the development of all the major decisions must vote by the general meeting of shareholders, according to the voting results. In addition, the annual divided to shareholders, since 1992 the dividend rate is between 10% and 30% a year, which has accumulated to 68.871 million yuan of share out bonus.
Second, give full play to the company supervision organization's function. Strictly fulfill their own responsibility for all activities of the board of supervisors, in line with "intervention ahead of time, focus on prevention, track inspection, pass forward" work principle, through  attending the board meeting, making supervision throughout the course of decision-making, to guarantee and promote the company decision-making democratization, scientific and standardized. Aggrandizement is mainly on the board of supervisors of supervision over the major decision making resolutions of the board of directors of the company,  involved in the company, For the purpose, in the process of supervision, resolutions and work plans have been implemented, infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of employees, and each year the specific work of reporting to the general meeting of shareholders for approval. At the same time, the board of supervisors  hire an accounting firm every year to the annual accounting statements to conduct a comprehensive audit, effectively preventingthe financial risk, and improving the transparency of the company's business situation. To carry out the work of the board of supervisors, and ensure that the company's board of directors and all departments earnestly perform their duties, to maintain the company and the shareholders' interests, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the employees are not violated.
Third is to strengthen the basic management, work center of gravity down. Strengthening basic management, and improving the executive power helps the enterprise to realize the management goal, The basic way to improve labor efficiency and economic benefit, is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company's various decisions and planing the key to implement timely and effective program. To this end, the company will set up management center of gravity down, the information management, product quality management, safety production management, saving energy and reducing consumption, site and labor discipline management, equipment management, financial management and cost management etc. What’s more, the company will modify the basic management work rules, and strengthen grass-roots team construction department and workshopevery year according to the actual working situation, . Working on scheduling system, at the same time, adhere to the management passing through the assessment results, supervise the implementation of corrective actions, to ensure company information flow, standardization of operation.
Fourth is a reference to modern management mode, to improve the overall management level, and promote the healthy development of enterprises. With the constant development of the company, we recognize management mechanism formulated purely by the company's internal , already can't keep up with the pace of enterprise development. For this purpose, the company in 1998 passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, and in 2003 version of ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. But along with the increase of companies involved in the field, in the face of 14 subordinate company management, ISO2000 management system still cannot achieve the maximization of enterprise management effectiveness. In view of this, in 2008, the company decided to fully use ERP information management way, to integrate the operations of the company into a unified information platform, to realize the integration of production flow, logistics, information flow, cash flow. At the same time, ERP powerful database related decision provides scientific basis for the company, improves the company's management, production efficiency, and promotes the standardized management of the company.
Many years of practical experience, leads to our deep understanding to the standardization of the enterprise management, not only can save the enterprise management, production costs, guarantee the quality of enterprise products, but also become the key of enterprise to create brand.
Mei ling restructuring has been more than 20 years, we will spare no effort to continue to push forward the standard operation and healthy development of the enterprise; Will "never forget the responsibility of the society, can never forget the development of the company, and never forget the standard management, never forget hard workers" as starting point and foothold of the operation and management companies.

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