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Hardware and software

Mei ling group has developed a powerful hardware and software support. It has a strong technical support platform, including process equipment (SW6) strength calculation package, petroleum chemical industry equipment Desktop computer aided design system (PV Desktop), cold in equipment technology software (HEPC), such as CAXA electronic board, Tianzheng drawing software and so on . According to the national standard (GB), the European Union standards (PED), American standard (ASME), British standard (ES), Germany standard (DIN), and the Japanese standard (JIS) , The company has developed the technology,, designed, manufactured, tested and inspected.
At the same time, the company has over 200 sets of welding, casting, forging, machining, water treatment, and mass transfer and heat exchanger fluid resistance test device, mechanical performance test, spectrum test, chemical composition analysis, metallographic examination and corrosion test, aerodynamic test and analysis, water quality test, gas testing, microbiological testing and other research and development and testing equipment .
Company uses over 3% of the annual sales revenue funds for research and development .


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