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Manage system
Manage system
"ISO9001 quality management system
In 1998 the company passed the quality management system certification, the certification scope includes: A2 class pressure vessels, to design ,develop and manufacture fans; The production of forgings, high strength fasteners, mineral water; Urban centralized water supply; Prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, water pollution prevention and control of engineering design and relevant industry construction engineering general contracting.
ISO/TS16949 quality management system
The Company got the qualilty management system certification  in 2012 issued by the German Rhine "quality management system - auto production and related service parts group with the special requirements of ISO9001" .
"ISO14001 environmental management system
In 2012 the company passed the environmental management system certification.
OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system
In 2012 the company passed the occupational health and safety management system certification.
pressure vessel design and manufacture quality system
In 1995 the company achieved the first and, the second class pressure vessel manufacturing license, obtained in 2003 A2 class pressure vessel design, manufacturing certificate.
ASME quality assurance system
The Company achieved the ASME U stamp mark and NB certificates of the United States in 2007.
Low pressure piping components quality guarantee system
In 2003 the company obtained A grade pressure pipe components manufacturing license.
the ERP management system
In 2009 the company production and management of the whole process ofimplementation of ERP information management.

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